MonitorPro Executive LAN Pack (LoRa)

MonitorPro Executive LAN Pack (LoRa)

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24/7 Wireless Monitoring of 4 Fridges or Freezers

The Executive Pack includes:

  • 1 x MP - WH2 LAN Hub 
  • 4 x MP - TS3 Temperature Sensors
  • 4 x MP Thermal Buffers

Long Range Connectivity

The MP-WH2 LAN Hub is an ultra-low-power wireless receiver which uses the Lora protocol, giving good penetration and ultra-long-range connectivity.

LAN cabled connections are available for internet connection. 

The MP-WH2 LAN Hub uses a 32-bit industrial processor which offers great high-speed data processing and can support a variety of data formats.

Data security is enhanced by dynamic key encryption and authentication.

Other features include:

  • Lightning and anti-static protection
  • Dust and water-resistant enclosure
  • External power supply input (12V)
  • 500m range
  • Support for up to 100 sensors.
  • Cable supplied for connection to a router, switch or standard LAN outlet.

    NOTE: To operate this device requires a Safe Food Pro software subscription