MonitorPro Starter Pack (LoRa) 4G

MonitorPro Starter Pack (LoRa) 4G

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The Starter Pack includes:

  • 1 x MP - WH3 4G Hub 
  • 3 x MP - TS3 Temperature Sensors

4G Flexibility

The MP-WH3 4G LoRa Hub is an ultra-long-range wireless data acquisition gateway dedicated to receiving the signals from Safe Food Pro's LoRa-based temperature sensors.  

The LoRa Gateway communicates with the SafeFoodPro data server via 4G mobile data technology. It uses a high-performance 32-bit industrial processor and an industrial-grade wireless module, which features high reliability, stability and data security. 

These 4G hubs are a great fit if the Standard Hub can't be connected to your LAN, or if you want to run this system seperate from your corporate LAN.

SIM card NOT INCLUDED. (Yearly SIM Plan Available).

Hubs are setup for use with Spark APN, the APN can be updated by us BEFORE SHIPMENT if you want to use your own non Spark SIM card.

The Monitor Pro wireless temperature detection solution integrates seamlessly with the Safe Food Pro App.

The MP-WH3 4G LoRa Hub uses a 32-bit industrial processor which offers great high-speed data processing and can support a variety of data formats. Data
security is enhanced by dynamic key encryption and authentication.

Other features include:

  • Lightning and anti-static protection
  • Dust and water-resistant enclosure
  • External power supply input (12V)
  • 500m range
  • Support for up to 100 sensors.

NOTE: To operate this device requires a Safe Food Pro software subscription and a Mobile Data SIM card.